How to Effectively Work with a Locum Tenens Recruiter

Locum Tenens Recruiters

If you’re new to the locum tenens world, you may have considered working with a recruiter to help you find opportunities across the country that align with your experience, credentials and career goals. Working with a locum tenens recruiter is very helpful, especially for reducing stress and finding jobs quickly. The relationship you have with your recruiter can make or break your job search outcomes. Here are some tips for effectively working with a locum tenens recruiter:

Be honest. Remember, your recruiter’s job is to match you, as a candidate, with a locum tenens employer to which you are a good fit. Therefore, you can make your recruiter’s job easier and increase your own employment success by being open and honest about what type of position you’d like, as well as other factors including desired location and type of healthcare facility. Because recruiters seek to create mutually beneficial relationships for both candidates and the employers they work with, being truthful about your qualifications and intentions will allow them to make the best match possible.

Exhibit some flexibility. Unlike a permanent full-time position, a locum tenens career requires a large degree of flexibility. When it comes to finding a locum tenens assignment, you’ll have better outcomes with your recruiter by being flexible with your schedule and overall employment criteria. The more types of jobs you’re willing to explore, the more opportunities your recruiter will be able to present to you. In general, flexibility increases the amount of matches your recruiter can make and provides you with more options for locum tenens jobs across the U.S.

Be responsive. Recruiters move at a fast pace, so it’s imperative you get back to them as quickly as possible regarding potential jobs. Failing to stay in communication with your recruiter shows a lack of respect for their time and can easily result in lost employment opportunities. Whether it’s by phone or email, always get back to your recruiter in a timely fashion, preferably within 24 hours. Prompt responses will ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible for both of you.

The type of relationship you establish with your locum tenens recruiter can strongly impact your employment outcomes. How you work with your recruiter can be just as important as how you treat your job search, so always take this relationship seriously.

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