Experienced Physicians: Consider Locum Tenens as Your Next Career Move

Consider Locum Tenens as Your Next Career Move

Are you nearing retirement, but aren’t ready to stop practicing medicine just yet? A locum tenens career can be a wonderful option for experienced physicians looking for both a career and a lifestyle change. Locum tenens assignments are flexible in nature, offering physicians the opportunity to choose where, when and how much they’d like to work. Most importantly, they allow physicians to continue working in the medical field without the pressures of full-time employment.

If you’re an experienced physician who’s looking for a change, here’s why you should consider locum tenens:

Freedom and flexibility. Most physicians work long hours during the peak of their careers, often finding little time to spend with family and friends. Locum tenens assignments will afford you the freedom and flexibility to balance your personal life with your career. For example, you may opt to plan your locum tenens assignments around family vacations or a medical procedure that may leave you out of commission for a few months. Whatever your reasons, locum tenens work will help you achieve a work-life balance that best suits your lifestyle.

Supplemental income. Just because you may be leaving your full-time job doesn’t mean you’re ready to walk away from an income! Locum tenens assignments give physicians the opportunity to earn a competitive income without the responsibilities of a full practice load. Locum tenens salaries are dependent on many factors – including medical specialty, facility type and location. Depending on your interests, you can choose which assignments and contracts appeal most to you.

Ability to travel. Many physicians would like the opportunity to travel but have full-time work schedules that prevent them from taking substantial time off. Locum tenens work allows physicians to enjoy traveling to new cities and towns while obtaining employment and having housing and transportation costs covered. You’ll be able to choose assignments that align with your travel interests or pick locations where your family or friends live.

If you’re nearing the end of your career but not quite ready to retire, a locum tenens career will not disappoint. With so many locum tenens assignments available at healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., you’ll be sure to keep yourself busy!

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