Is Locum-To-Perm the Right Solution for Your Facility?


With the cost of hiring and training employees at an all-time high, many healthcare organizations are increasingly trying to find innovative ways of making their recruitment and hiring process more effective. Amid unexpected vacancies and new workforce demands, your organization may find employing locum tenens workers to be a huge lifesaver in more ways than one.

Here are just some of the many reasons why locum tenens staffing may be the best solution for your healthcare organization:

Improve employee retention. If you use a reputable staffing firm, you’ll get the most highly qualified locum tenens practitioners to fulfill your hiring needs. Because of their exceptional skills and expertise, many locum tenens workers will have the potential to become full-time employees at your organization. The beauty is you’ll have a chance to see firsthand how they align within your organization before investing in them in a permanent capacity. This will allow you to gauge employee fit, helping you feel confident that each new locum tenens hire will perform at the level expected by your leadership team. As you can imagine, this factor alone can be very impactful in your efforts to retain top performers for the long haul.

Save on hiring and training costs. Any time you need to hire for a new position, there is almost always a cost incurred with recruiting and interviewing new candidates. Hiring locum tenens workers eliminates this cost to an extent, as these candidates will be vetted by your staffing agency ahead of time. Furthermore, having access to a steady pipeline of highly skilled candidates significantly reduces the need to provide extensive onboarding and training to locum tenens hires. With locum tenens employees, cutting back on the hiring and training process will easily save your organization a substantial amount of money over time.

Build a stronger workforce. Locum tenens workers bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table, adding value to your organization starting on the first day they begin their positions. When hiring emergencies arise and you need qualified workers quickly, these workers can play a critical role in supplementing your labor needs during busy times and bridging the gap when physicians retire or decrease their work hours. Having locum tenens workers fill these voids is key to maintaining productivity when staffing levels fluctuate and helping your workforce transition smoothly during turbulent times.

With so many healthcare employers turning to locum tenens staffing, why not give it a shot? Once you see the positive benefits that result from it, you’ll never look back!

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