How to Go Full-Time at Your Locum Tenens Assignment

How to Go Perm at a Locums Assignment

Though locum tenens assignments are temporary by nature, some physicians use the locum tenens field as a stepping-stone to a full-time job. While this is not always feasible, locum tenens jobs do have the potential to become permanent – depending on a facility’s hiring needs at any given time. If you’re hoping to use a locum tenens assignment to segue into a full-time position, here are some key steps you should take:

Network strategically.

One of the hidden benefits of a locum tenens assignment is the opportunity to expand your network to an entirely new group of medical professionals. During your assignment, make an effort to connect with as many people within your medical unit and throughout the facility as possible. Fostering close connections with physicians and members of the facility’s leadership team can help you acquire potential references for a future job, as well as expose you to other departments of the organization that may have openings.

Communicate your interest – and prove yourself.

You can’t expect your recruiter or your manager to be a mind-reader, which is why you must communicate your interest in full-time opportunities. If your recruiter knows you are seeking locum-to-perm assignments, they can help you get where you want to go. Meanwhile, at the facility, you will have the chance to prove yourself on the job and show that you are a good fit for the culture. Demonstrating to the team that you have what it takes to work in a permanent capacity is the first step to getting your foot in the door. Remember, your performance during your locum tenens assignment is more important than an interview – go the extra mile and put your skills into action!

Follow up and keep in touch.

The beauty of a locum tenens assignment is that it allows you to become acclimated with potential employers and build long-lasting professional relationships. In the case that a full-time job is not available right away, make a point to keep in touch with your recruiter and your contacts at the facility, especially your former managers. Every few months after your assignment, follow up with the hiring team, and stay updated about new opportunities. Whether it’s a note on LinkedIn or a quick call to check in, ongoing communication is essential to staying on the employer’s radar. Letting your recruiter guide this process will help you get the timing right, so keep communication open with your recruiting partner so they can alert you to opportunities.

In many cases, a locum tenens assignment can put you on the fast track to your dream job. By always demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and putting your best foot forward, your locum tenens career can lay the groundwork for your next full-time endeavor.

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