Here’s How Physicians Can Embrace a Gig Work Model

Did you think that physicians can’t participate in the “gig” economy? Think again! With burnout among physicians in the U.S. at an all-time high, many medical professionals are increasingly considering non-traditional career paths in the field. Locum tenens jobs offer flexible, part-time job opportunities for physicians who want more freedom and control. Here are some of the reasons why physicians are increasingly opting for a gig work model:


There are many areas of healthcare in desperate need of specialists at their facilities. Currently in the physician workforce, there is a growing demand for cardiologists, pulmonologists, surgeons, and oncologists, among others. Physicians in these areas of medicine tend to have ample employment opportunities across the nation, having their choice when it comes to locations and healthcare facilities.


As many healthcare facilities struggle to keep up with staffing demands, they are offering higher-than-average pay rates to attract the best locum tenens talent. Depending on expertise and medical specialty, physicians can earn highly competitive pay working in the locum tenens field. In many cases, pay may be comparable to that of a full-time, permanent position. Locum tenens physicians can choose to work as many hours and jobs per year as they want, without the confines of a full-time work schedule.


Flexibility continues to be a major draw of locum tenens jobs. With temporary gigs lasting only a few weeks or months, many physicians report less stress and burnout related to their day-to-day work. Temporary assignments allow physicians to work on a short-term basis, supporting staff and providing patient care without the burden of extensive administrative responsibilities. This flexibility not only improves career satisfaction but can also improve a physician’s overall quality of life.

As the healthcare industry evolves, physicians will continue embracing “gig” work which can be both lucrative and rewarding employment.

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