Growing Your Professional Network as a Locum Tenens Physician

Locum Tenens Networking

If you’re a physician who’s become bored in a traditional full-time job, launching a locum tenens career can provide many benefits – one being the opportunity to greatly expand your professional network. Being on the road for locum tenens assignments provides endless opportunities to meet new people and learn from healthcare professionals in a variety of settings.

Here are some reasons why you can grow your professional network through a locum tenens career:

Exposure to Different Medical Teams

Because locum tenens affords you the opportunity to work in a new medical setting for each assignment, you’ll have the chance to meet and learn from a variety of healthcare professionals. Over the course of each assignment, you’ll get to know the members of your team and forge long-lasting relationships with professionals from all over the country. Being able to work with so many different managers and colleagues will inevitably allow you to expand your network and open doors to new opportunities.

New Friendships

One of the most incredible aspects of locum tenens work is the ability to live in a new town or city every few months while working. As you immerse yourself within your new community, you’ll meet many new people at the gym or local coffee shop. This will allow you to expand your social circle and make new friendships and memories while on the road.

Industry Opportunities

In each new city you visit, you’ll have ample opportunities to attend industry and networking events in the local healthcare community. In addition to those you meet at your assigned facility, outside industry events will help you develop relationships with individuals who could be a valuable resource as you move forward in your locum tenens career.

Is one of your goals to grow your professional network?

Let the team at MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens) help you explore the many benefits of a locum tenens job!