What is IMLC Licensing?

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Are you new to the locum tenens field? If you’ve been getting acclimated with locum tenens work, you’ve probably come across information about the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (commonly referred to as IMLC). According to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission’s (IMLCC) official website, the Compact is an agreement among participating states to streamline the licensure process for physicians who wish to work in multiple states. As you can imagine, the IMLC plays a major role in the licensing of locum tenens providers wanting to travel to different states for their assignments. Below are answers to some of the most common questions regarding the IMLC and interstate licensure.

What is IMLC Licensing?

How does the Compact work?

Physicians who meet the stated guidelines of the IMLC are eligible to practice in the states designated by the Compact. By completing just one application, physicians can easily apply for eligibility and receive separate licenses for the states in which they’d like to work. While licenses are still issued by the individual states, the process of obtaining licensure is very streamlined, as the Compact vets all applications and expedites the entire process for applicants.

How can I get licensed through the IMLC?

Before being able to participate in the Compact, you must have a designated SPL (State of Principal License), which serves as the state in which you hold a full, unrestricted medical license. Once an SPL is obtained, you’ll receive a Letter of Qualification from the state, which certifies your eligibility to join the Compact. After this process is completed, your SPL will disseminate your licensure to other states in which you’d like to practice medicine.

How can I receive application assistance?

One of the best ways to navigate the IMLC process is by working directly with an experienced locum tenens recruiter. A specialized staffing agency like MPLT Healthcare can guide you through every step of the credentialing process so you are qualified to work in various states and facilities, depending on specified requirements. At MPLT Healthcare, our highly experienced credentialing and licensing team specializes in hospital privileging, provider enrollment, and medical state licensure. You may even be eligible to have your licensing costs covered.

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