What is Locum Tenens? Benefits of Working Temporary Assignments

What is Locum Tenens?

The Benefits of Working Temporary Assignments


What is Locum Tenens?  The term originates from the Latin phrase, “to hold the place of, to substitute for”.  For our purposes, Locum Tenens refers to physicians and advanced practice clinicians that fill in for permanent staff over a time period ranging from a few days to six months or more.  Working Locum Tenens assignments can have many monetary, life, and career benefits.  Below are just a few:

Extra Income

Becoming an expert in the healthcare field, whether you are a practicing physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, etc.; takes education, lots of education!  That means the majority of you reading this are likely burdened by heavy student loan or credit card debt.  To add, starting a practice along with malpractice insurance premiums and more, only adds to your already costly overhead.  Taking a Locum Tenens job assignment is a great way to earn extra income for things like paying down your education debt, saving for the opening of a practice, and other life-long goals.  Locum Tenens assignments offer competitive pay, funded malpractice coverage, and even travel costs like transportation and lodging.

Life or Career Changes

Whether your transitioning from one facility to another, moving to a new city, or just graduated college; Locum Tenens assignment offer you supplemental income while seeking a permanent role elsewhere.  Working Locum Tenens allows you to practice while avoiding burnout, even a way to keep your license active and work less as you reach the end of your career or a long sabbatical from full-time practice.

Flexible schedules

Work-life balance, family, and travel are more important than ever in today’s workforce.  However, doing these things while remaining financial solvent can be a tough task to handle.  With Locum Tenens work you have the flexibility to enjoy life outside of your practice, while remaining financial secure and stress free.

Community Citizenship

Underserved areas in the U.S. welcome Locum Tenens physicians and advanced practice clinicians with open arms.  While many staff healthcare providers are overworked or understaffed, community health suffers.  Working Locum Tenens you can help aid these communities while relieving full-time healthcare providers for much needed rest.  The best part is now these patients are getting the attention needed for proper treatment.  In addition, your active state license allows you to work assignments anywhere in the U.S. for Veterans Affairs hospitals, DoD facilities, and tribal healthcare.

Broaden Your Horizons or Take a Test Drive

Because of the range of facilities, locations, and specialties in need of Locum Tenens work; along with the nature of Locums being temporary, you can gain valuable experience on assignment.  So, if you are a new graduate looking for experience or a seasoned professional looking for new skills, Locum Tenens can help you to find them.  In some cases and locations, taking a Locum Tenens assignment can even gain you a position as a permanent staff member.

Locum Tenens positions are a great opportunity for physicians and advanced practice clinicians to gain invaluable experience on a part-time basis, while still earning a great living.  These are just some of the benefits MPLT Healthcare has found along our journey working with facilities and professionals in the industry.  If you are interested in learning more about Locums work contact us today.  You can also sign up for our daily job alerts and have them sent straight to your phone via text.  Don’t delay, apply today!